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​Meet and Greet

Let's be reassured! Come to our house and meet Dyan and David and see how your pooch relates to us. We also assess your dog for their socialisation skills. We need to sight vaccination records at this time. There is no cost for the meet and greet. 


​What to bring

Collar and lead (with registration tags). Everything else is provided. 

We supply cosy warm bedding and blankets.


Health and Diet

Included daily:


Dining on my homemade food which is wholesome and nutritious

Drinking fresh alkaline water,daily.


​Pick-up and Drop-off

This is between 8-10am each day and we will organise specific times when we talk. 





​Exercise and Stimulation

We walk your dog daily. We normally have a range of toys for them to keep stimulated all day or just chill out




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